Updating Computers in Library to Chrome

January 29th, 2015 No Comments

Anyone have old computers in your library?

Do they ever require updating?

Recently, our library computers required updating of their internet browser. These computers had an old version of internet Explorer. Unfortunately, the computers are old, with a Windows XP operating system and the only way to get a newer browser is to update the operating system. Knowing our district doesn’t have the funds mid-way through the year to purchase new computers that would support a newer operating system, we chose to download the Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome browser is easy to download and runs smoothly on all of our school computers.

1) First, I went to

2) On the top menu, select DOWNLOAD for PERSONAL COMPUTERS

Google Chrome Download


3) Select the option to Download Chrome

4) Now, you should see the following…

Google Chrome 2


5) After you accept and install it only takes a few minutes depending on your wifi speed.

Many teachers were concerned with Chrome being able to run programs like Accelerated Reader and IXL Math. These programs have worked fine for us since our upgrade.

I hope this helps anyone looking to upgrade your browser without upgrading your current operating system.


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