Infographic’s are the New Rage: I’m calling it!

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What is an infographic???

An inforgraphic is an interactive chart or poster that is easily manipulated to beautifully display the data you want.

Think: Leader in Me notebook graphs = stunning parent- student conference (especially when the student inputs the data on the infographic chart!).


Yes ma’am, Johhny did that!

Yes sir, Sara knows her stuff!

Think: Students did an online poll and want to show off their data.

Think: Students engaged with learning percentages and chats.

Think: Interactive (student created even) MAPS

Think: Research data, Analyzing data, DATA being FUN!

What does one of these things look like?

That’s cool!

Now, how do you make one?

Go to: or


  1. pick an illustration
  2. edit your data
  3. Download or import your infograpic
  4. Publish or embed it


On piktochart:

Same thing… but they also have…

  • categorized icons
  • resizable canvas
  • design driven chart
  • INTERACTIVE MAPS (the geography teacher in me is coming out!)

That is it!

The best of all, is that these online tools are free.

As always, sharing the latest technology tools for the classroom!

Now GO! Get ‘infographic’ with it!


Resources: http://piktochart.com

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