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Okay, I’m a little behind on this post. Especially since I knew about this during KySTE 2014!

Todaysmeet is basically an online live chat room. A lot of educators are running it in the background of their lesson. If a student or attendee wants to ask a question, they type it in to the shared live room and wait for the teacher to look to the chat board to answer… or maybe another student knows the answer and can fill them in without the teacher stopping the lesson unnecessarily.



From the home screen on https://todaysmeet.com, instructors will name a room and the length of time a room should remain open. After naming the room, the URL becomes todaysmeet.com/(the name of your room).

Give the participants the URL and have them join the room. They just need to enter their name (or any name, I usually use my twitter name as a way to contact or find me later…once the room is closed).

They can begin posting introductions, questions, comments, etc to the room for discussion.


  • open discussion
  • no need to stop class for simple questions other participants can quickly answer
  • addresses misconceptions
  • instructor can go back later to answer questions one-on-one
  • Participants can easily share links or information
  • All transcripts can be downloaded later (think taking notes to share)
  • and more!



  • immature students would make this a nightmare with one wrong post (boundaries/policies must be set prior)
  • A student answers incorrectly in front of everyone and shuts down
  • Students might not want to participate due to lack of skills in grammar/language mechanics

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