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Here is my individual plan on differentiation:

Emberton.LME537.ID4 Differentiation

Differentiation is a necessity in the classroom. Teachers need to reflect on their learning styles and those of the students every year. It is an endless cycle and always important in getting to know your learners.

“You must know¬†how to reach them, before you can teach them.” -Williams

In the classroom I use many tech tools. Below are a few websites that I feel are student friendly and very helpful to teachers. I listed my favorite site first, EDMODO. Why is it my favorite? Simply put, it was the first site that I felt helped my students use technology and it not take away from my lesson. Meaning that, my lesson was to have students post a haiku they had just written and then give three other students feedback (by the rubric) on their haiku’s. The students were quietly collaborating, evaluating, and learning… with technology at its best!

Here are some helpful links:

Web 2.0 Teaching Tools

Edmodo – Great for Communication, Collaboration, Evaluation, Quizzing online, student polls, self assessments, and MORE!

Glogster – Great for creating online posters, resumes, sharing ideas, and combining multiple media.

Animoto – Great for making short (or long) clips of what you’ve learned or teaching new concepts. I use mine for scrap-booking too!

Prezi – Everyone has seen a Prezi– You know why it’s awesome! If you don’t (where have you been?) check it out NOW!

StoryBird – What to tell a story, but are running low on ideas? OR Have a story to tell and need illustrations? Use Storybird!

Also, Check out these apps:

  • Thinglink
  • Answer Garden
  • Grade Cam
  • Tellagami
  • Popplet
  • Voice Thread
  • TagCloud
  • Floors
  • Educreations
  • Videolicious
  • Class Dojo
  • Capture
  • Spreaker

Checkout more apps and websites, in detail, at my educational blog:

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