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A little bit about me:
I am a Christian and teach Sunday school at Maysville Missionary Baptist Church. Currently, I reside in Allen county with my husband and four boys. This is my third-year teaching, and my second career; my first was in business management. I decided to become a teacher after struggling with my oldest son’s IEP. I wanted to teach middle school because this is an important time in a child’s transition to young adult. Technology and real world connections are a big part of my classroom lessons and management. I am an environmentalist at times, working to limit the amount of waste by recycling or using cloth/glass (reusable products).

I am a graduate of Western Kentucky University. I originally went to WKU majoring in Middle Grades Education, with an emphasis in English Communication and Social Studies. After much thought and consideration, I decided to apply for the LME graduate program WKU has to offer. I am now in Morehead State’s doctoral program for Educational Leadership, technology emphasis.

My family is the reason I went into the educational field. My oldest son, Gavin, was born deaf. He struggled greatly in elementary school and it inspired me to return to school pursuing a degree in Middle grades education. My husband, Gabe Emberton, is a minister, works at Monroe Co. EMS, Allen Co. EMS, and is a volunteer firefighter for Cedar Springs in Allen County. Gabe’s support, and leadership of our family, influences my life daily. I am thankful to have him as my partner in life. We hope that our sons have the same desire to help others and to give back to their community.

One of my favorite things to do is be happy and I do this by helping others.



About my classroom:

I have been teaching in Simpson County since 2012. Currently, I am teaching sixth-grade social studies on team Hope at Franklin-Simpson Middle School. I have previously taught seventh grade language arts (I enjoy teaching both subjects) and have sponsored several clubs at FSMS: FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program), Battle of the Books (student-initiated reading incentive program), and the WBLU School News Program. In previous years, I worked with an ASL (American Sign Language) group of students, a GT (gifted and talented) news letter team and a robotics class.

Below is an “introduction of myself” video for my 6th grade World Geography Class.

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