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Here you will find my instructional design project:

Final IDP: J.Emberton.IDP-LME-537

Who Am I?

I am Swahili

I believe in praying five times a day.

I wonder if I will catch any fish for my family to eat or enough to sell at the market.

I see the deep harbors along the coast as I look out to the Indian Ocean.

I hear the KiSwahili language; a sweet mixture of Arabic and Bantu.

I am Swahili

I worry about my arranged marriage.

I celebrate Jamhuri Day and Madaraka Day to mark my countries independence.

I hope to visit the holy city of Mecca some day.

I sing a song of Taarab.

I am Swahili

(Updated Sample video 5/12/14)


This Project is on African Cultures yesterday and today. This unit is designed with the collaboration of the Language Arts teacher and Art teacher.

TS-4 Digital Story Telling Intro to African Culture Unit


TS-6  Below is a ThingLINK of African Ethnic Groups:
*When complete each group will be represented on the map in their current location in Africa.

TS-6 Web 2.0 Tools:

TS-6 Animoto.com Story:

TS- 6 Prezi Presentation:

TS-6 African Culture Survey:

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Here is a sample of my teaching, using some technology for recording a re-teach lesson, this past week.

Screencast to re-teach a Tri-Venn Diagram Lesson

TS-11 Animoto Screencast for the African Culture Unit Project

TS-11 Powtoon Screencast for the African Culture Unit Project

TS-12 Infographic

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